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    Now that CWNA-106 is out, by when will the official guide and practice tests be out?

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    Pravin Goyal

  • Amazon has the new book scheduled for a July ship date. 

  • Rick is correct, the expected release date for the new study guide is early July.

    However, it is important to note that CWNA-106 is not out. It has been announced, but it will not be available for exam candidates until July 1, 2014. Until that time, candidates will continue to take the PW0-106 exam.

    Practice tests will also be updated close to that time (in early June).

    Remember, this is a new version of the exam (version 106 over 105) even though the prefix for the exam number has changed (now CWNA instead of PW0). As such, while new material is tested (mostly in the areas of 802.11ac and guest access/BYOD), most of the exam will be based on the the same topics as the current exam. You can see the changes here:


  • Thanks all for the info. Much help!

  • Looks like the study guide is not coming out now till almost end of August. Any idea why the delay from July originally? 

  • Hi Rick,
    Unfortunately the news goes from bad to worse.  Latest word from Wiley Sybex is that it might be delayed until September.  There is no good reason for the delay so CWNP will be looking for a new publisher.  We plan to offer an online training for CWNA-106 around July 1st.  In the meantime, please see the expanded listing of resources on this page


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    So for those who may not be ready to take the exam before June 30. How can we study for the new exam if we don't have the new book? has CWNP already found a new publisher?


  • Hi Felipe,
    The link in my previous post lists many new resources for the CWNA-106 exam.  About 90% of the new exam is covered in the old (PW0-105) study guide.  The new resources will help fill the gap.
    Good luck!

  • Looks like Amazon pulled the pre-order for the 106 book. I know you can use the 105 and the extra links published here for additional material, but any further update on the book itself? 


  • The publisher states that it will be printed by the end of next month.  We will flood the airways as soon as we actually see one!
    Stay tuned!

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