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  • Passed the CWTS exam. Now on to the CWNA. I dont think I am going to waste much time, I want to keep studying while everything is still fresh in my head.

  • Congratulations !!!

    I think that is the best approach. I didn't have the time or finances to do it that way but I would, if I could have.

    Be aware that the next exam is much more difficult. Remember to always study to the objectives - that really is the secret to theses certs.

    Best of luck.


  • Thanks for the advice, I will make sure to study the objectives.

  • I also highly recommend the Sybex study guide, and the CWTS practice test to anyone going to attempt the Exam. They where awsome and helped me out greatly.

  • I did not use any of the Practice Tests because quite frankly I did not pay much attention to that stuff. I went with the Sybex Text and by the grace of God I passed the CWTS exam on Friday. [b]IF [/b]I did pay attention to all the newsletters and stuff I would definitely have used the practice tests!!!

    I was stressing BIG TIME during the first 15 minutes of the exam. I am not happy with my final pass mark (78) but I am happy that I passed. I hasten to note that I NEVER saw a lot of the material that came in the exam in the book. God is good. A good understanding of general computing standards (A+, Net+) is definitely good to have. Other than that I would encourage anyone who did not write the exam yet (CWTS or any other exam for that matter) to use whatever material is available to you.

    I am moving on to the CWNA now and hope to write that exam in one month. I WILL be using the practice tests and any other aid I can get my hands on. Please believe that. Best of luck my friends and God Bless.

  • RHB,

    Congratulations to you too.

    The Net+ material gives a good background on routing, switching and sub-netting. I think it's a perfect prelim for wireless.

    You will find the CWNA material requires much more study than the CWTS - good luck on your studying.

    I suggest you wait till you're getting consistent 95%'s on all of the practice exams before you take it.

  • I just passed my CWTS with a score of 85% after studying for 10 1/2 weeks. If you use the Practice test provided by CWNP and the Sybex study guide and with a little hands on, it should make things easier.

  • Well done bradlrtclf! Congratulations! Are you moving on to CWNA now?

  • Just passed with the score 86% today. Quite disappointed as practice test doesn't help me at all. The good thing for the practice exam is some of the new term has been used to replace some of the words in the book. So, I managed to google to understand the functions of each words. Of course, the question is aligned with the exam objectives but need some luck and extra knowledge of networking to solve some of the scenarios. The official book help a lot but some of the terms are not covered in the book. Or perhaps there's a new revision for the CWTS book?

    My advice for those who are going to write this exam. Ensure you read the books at least twice and try to understand as it will help you to pass. Google for the pictures of each devices mentioned in the book since not all the devices in the books have pictures. And never skip any part where I've made a mistake of skipping the antenna grid part and ignore some of the details of the section. Seriously, I'm sweating for the first 1 hour and nearly give up ...

    However, I'm glad and proud to be certified and become part of the CWNP community. Just hoping Mr Kevin would initiate an easy way for the Malaysian to purchase vouchers and other items from CWNP in the future.

    Time to unwrap my new CWNA book


  • Yes I will be trying for my CWNA next and on my way to the CWNE. That is my ultimate goal along with expanding on all of my other certs. A+, NET+, SEC+, MCTS. I plan on going as far as I can with everything.

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