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    hi all,

    i passed CWNA on January second, but today’s the 5th and it’s still not listed. I contacted customer care on the 3rd and again emailed on the 4th then called but always get voicemail even during normal work hours. Left a voicemail and have still not received a reply. I get notified that they received the updates by the automated email system. I definitely registered/purchase the voucher under the correct account  

    Its now been over 24 hours and I still only see CWTS listed as a cert on my account. It feels like customer support is non-existent. Pearson Vue site shows the exam was delivered. 

    What do I do to get this resolved? 


    update: it’s now Tuesday January 9th and I’ve still not heard from support. Have called them multiple times and emailed as well. Anyone alive out there?

  • I took the 107 test yesterday January 8th and I don't see it on my profile yet either. I sure would like to see that updated quickly too.

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