• It was a great test, relatively easy. Thank you for official study guide!

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    jpk, Congratulations! That said, you'll now be required to share your exam preparation that led to the CWSP exam being "relatively easy"!

    91% is an absolutely smoking hot score on this PW0-204 version of the CWSP exam. Well done, and please share your exam prep (including your Wi-Fi experience if possible) so others can learn.

  • jpk,


    What is your networking and wireless background by the way.



  • Yes, Please!!!! share how you prepare for the exam. Such a great score... I can't imagine myself getting 90+ score specially for CWSP. With all my preparation and experience... I already failed twice for the CWSP exam.

  • Great Job... Please share which study guide and how long you studied before you took the test.

  • Wow, well done that is a great score!

    I have my own exam tomorrow (re-cert), it would be nice to do as well!

    I'm currently hammering the practice tests that came with the study guide CD and am using the online CWSP practice tests (on the site).

    I've read the study guide fairly comprehensively. I have to say there was a lot of new, interesting material in there since I did the PW0-200 - I enjoyed the decoding exercises that are included on the CD, I think they help to cement some of the information after actually seeing the frame decodes 'in the flesh'.

    Wish me luck - I'll need it. The exam has moved on quite a bit since I last did it...either that, or I've forgotten a lot of stuff! :)


  • Thanks guys for the appreciation. I would like to share the following

    1. Focus on the concept. If the concept is clear, it will be hard for CWSP exam to confuse you :) . Sometimes official study guide is not enough to get the complete idea. Google it or do what ever possible, but make sure you know the concepts crystal clear. You can find a lot of white papers and other documents on the internet.

    2. Read the official study guide thoroughly. Slow and steady. Completing the book is not important. Understanding each line is more important, though it takes more time.

    3. Read white papers. Do not miss them.

    4. There are many topics which are very similar. ( For eg, parameters used in:- PTK generation, AAD (CCMP), Nonce (CCMP), TKIP key mixing, Passphrase to PSK mapping). List down this kind of similar topics and understand what is the difference between them. I feel it is very important because, from practice exams I could find that such topics are primary source of confusion.

    5. Refresh the memory. CWSP is got a vast syllabus. When we are at the final topic, the initial topics are almost forgotten. So, before practice exams and final exam, go through flash cards (in CD), Glossary and Index in the official study guide. If you find unfamiliar with any of the word have a look at it. It will really help.

    6. Find the weak areas and invest time on it. What I followed was, while writing practice exams, I noted down the questions of which I am confused or did not know the answer. Then I invested time on those topics. Do it for 3-4 iterations (during practice exams). Believe me, it is really effective. But, note that, just checking the wrong answers wont be right things, because, your good luck in practice exam may not repeat in the final exam. So, when you are in doubt, note down the question.

    7. DO NOT USE DUMPS!!! I hate it.

    I have around 2 years of experience in testing WLAN devices. So, I had a chance to play with the technology and understand how things work. As I got a great win over CWSP, now looking for good opportunity. Share your ideas about how to find the right job, where I can really apply the things learned. What job really suits CWSPs...?

  • It was about 4 months preparation. Be slow and steady, even CWSP will be easy :)
    Good Luck Guys.

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    Thank you jpk! Great advice all around! Well done.

  • Congrats! And thanks for all the excellent advice!

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