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    Passed the CWSP Exam this weekend. Good, thorough exam. Good job to the folks here at forums and CWNP. Lots of good information here. thanks.

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    Well done gg-man! Would you mind sharing how you prepared, and what you thought helped you the most in your prep for the CWSP exam?

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    Heres what I think helped me...keep in mind i have terrible study habits and seem to learn a lot through repetition and possible over studying the same items from different sources...just saying...

    1 - Official CWSP Study Guide V2
    2 - CWSP online test pool (these give a very good representation of the actual exam)
    3 - 802.11 Wireless Networks, The Definitive Guide - 2nd Edition, O'Rielly
    4 - 802.11 WLAN Hands-On Analysis by Bryon W. Putman (The referenced software package that goes with this book is not supported anymore) GOOD EXAMPLE OF SCREEN CAPTURES BUT DONT HIGHLY RECOMMEND UNLESS YOU WANTTO GET REALLY DEEP IN THE WIRELESS FRAMES.

    5 - 802.11i Authentication and Key Management (AKM) White Paper
    6 - Robust Security Network (RSN) Fast BSS Transition (FT) White Paper
    7 - Wi-Fi CERTIFIED for Wi-Fi Protected Setup: Easing the User Experience for Home and Small Office Wi-Fi.
    8- I looked at some other docs from Cisco but don't have them on-hand now to give the names.

    Memorized Notes:
    9- Big help for me. I made up and memorized some tables with related information. Once the exam started i jotted down the memorized information on the provided writing paper. This helped immensely in three ways 1) you need to know the information to get it on the paper 2) it made finding answers faster than trying to recall the chart 3) Gave me the confidence the make sure the answer I selected was on my memorized table and was therefore correct.

    On the job (lucky on this account):
    10- We have a WIDS/WIPS (Aruba) setup at the office. As the Information Assurance Professional I don't deal directly with the equipment or dashboard, BUT, I do have access to ask questions and to get a lot of the technical information that is required for Certification and Accreditation (DIACAP) process.

    CWNP Forums (Last but not Least)(Lots of smart people and good information here)
    11- Read recommendations from other people that passed and am glad I did. WPS and RSN were pretty prominent in the exam but I don't recall that it was highlighted that much in either the Official Study Guide or the on-line exams.

    In my opinion, this was a tough exam but not as technical as the CWNA....

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