• Hi,

    I bought full set of practice tests and was promised that it would be updated automatically with the update in the exam. In my account, it still shows as CWNA-105 practice test and not 106. Can you please check?

    I see that 106 exam practice tests are already being sold.

    Thanks and regards,

    Pravin Goyal

  • Any update please?

  • Hi Pravin

    I contacted CWNP Customer support with the same question, as like yourself I believed (still do) that we were promised that the Practice tests would be keep up-to-date. Which is indeed what happened when the exam was updated from PW0-104 to PW0-105.

    Unfortunately this promise seems to have been broken, and this is no longer the case.

    We do replace unused exam vouchers when a new exam is launched.  Since they are all the same price we also let customers swap exam vouchers among the professional level certification exams.  The study guides, eLearning and practice tests are offered as individual products.  We do send out errata or make updates as needed to fix any mistakes.  Each time we launch a new exam all the associated products are considered new offerings.  I hope this helps. - CWNP Customercare

  • This is really bad. I think someone has to address this - either the web marketing team or CWNP, fix the site or provide updated practice tests!

    I bought all 5 practice tests knowing if the exams are upgraded, the practice tests would get updated as well.

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    I agree, this is really bad and I feel like been tricked..

    I bought the practice test package to save some bucks and be prepared for the future, while being well aware that I would not be able to sit all of the exams within a few months. 

    CWAP and and CWSP exams are my goals for 2015. I hope these get not updated any time soon.




    This was the official description of the test set (April2014):

    "Practice Test items are automatically updated when content for the exam is updated"

    and from my point of view this is not the same as

    We do send out errata or make updates as needed to fix any mistakes.

  • I also had an understanding that the practice tests would have been updated for every test revision.  And, I was waiting for it to be updated.  I guess it is not going to happen.

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