• hi,

    please let me know if anybody use any Survey kit ( complete solution with software and hardware).
    or just Hardware only as software we can go for either Airmagnet or Ekahau.


  • I?ll just tell you what I use.
    Cisco CB-21, great utilities!
    AirMagnet a/b/g/n card
    A plethora of various antennas
    As to the AP, whatever the customer wants; Cisco, Moto, Aruba, Meru, ect.
    I just started using Ekahau about a year ago, have been using AirMagnet for years, but IMHO Ekahau is a better product, now I only use AirMagnet when the customer requests it.

  • just wondering is it a good idea to use internal antenna card for site servey? shouldnt be using the one with external Antenna for better performance during site servey


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