• At the risk of offending or alienating anyone, which is absolutely not my intent, I noticed a lot of postings in the CWTS forum here that are in no real way CWTS related. They are excellent posts and I have not only read and appreciated them but have shared them with others as well.

    I do however think that quite a few should really be in the news/info section. When I was prepping for the CWTS I had to scan a little harder to stay on track with topics related to the channel. It made prepping for the exam a little more time consuming.

    Just hoping that the CWTS channel will stay focused on the CWTS. There has been some great insight and I appreciate people who have taken time out of their day to add helpful content. I am looking forward to finding more and hopefully contributing something intelligent for others as well.

    Thanks again to all the volunteers.

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    Thanks live2learn. We try to let the forum moderate itself, but you are right. Please all, let's keep the posts Wi-Fi related and properly categorized. Thanks!

  • To Live2learn

    First of all, my deepest apologies for the massive amount of time that you must have spent filtering through my posts. I can only imagine what you have gone through. The trauma will heal though. On the postive side however, you won?t have to worry about any more postings from me again, so you get back to whatever it is you do.

    I contribute to a number of forums and even my tiny mind understands PERFECTLY the various rules and regulations.

    I actually have a lot of other things that I could be doing. I share information because that has always been in my nature. I worked in many places where nobody helped me or passed on information. I get not one penny for anything on this forum. My wife and I are living off food stamps right now and if it wasn?t for her getting a job recently, we would have lost our house. I won?t go into my personal circumstances, but some of the information I?ve posted on this forum over the last few years?well you?d have to pay a fair amount of money to get it in a ?seminar?.

    So why did I commit such a heinous crime ?

    When I see the forum ?going quiet?, I dig into the Internet and look for something to ?keep things going?. If you look CAREFULLY into every single one of my ?improper postings?, whether it be on I-Pads, I-Phones or anything else, you will something Wi-Fi related.... or maybe you won't ...oh well...

    I-Pads?.hmmm ?..can?t imagine anything Wi-Fi related there. Hang on a minute, maybe in the future, someone will have the idea of incorporating a communications feature that could have something to do with Wi-Fi. We?ll have to wait for that one to come along though. I-Phones?.there?s a thought !! Don?t need to concern ourselves with how Apple is doing, as all Wi-Fi based access methods are via laptops and desktops. In the future, we may have to be concerned with those types of devices.

    Interference on Flight Systems. Maybe one day, someone will have the idea of putting Wi-Fi on board aircraft?there?s an idea !! Can?t for the life of me figure out what interference would have to do with Wi-FI. Technology failing...doubt it.

    RF Safety?..can?t imagine what that has to do with Wi-FI? got me there again.

    An article to give someone inspiration?.what use could that be ??.I?ve failed my CWNA exam three times !!.....I don?t want to go on any more?.I've taken CWSP x times and failed.......can?t think how on earth that article about my friends could inspire anyone.

    An article about potential health problems with laptops?.you?re right??can?t think what could go wrong there??if there were any potential problems, they?d have a big warning label across them. Drop me a mail in fifteen years after being hunched over a laptop most of the day and let me know how that?s working out for you.

    Earth?s magnetic field?what?s that got to do with Wi-Fi?.I have my GPS which never fails, because the guy at Best Buy told me so.

    Satellites?EIRP, beacons, backhaul communications for cruise ships with Wi-Fi, most of the backhaul links for Wi-Fi in developing countries ( multi-billion dollar industry ), cable failure backup?..nope you?ve got me there.

    Wireless Charging??can?t imagine you?d need that one.

    HIPAA? communications in the Health Industry?..not sure about that one, but I do think that wireless comms in hospitals may happen one day?.keep my fingers crossed.

    Auld Lang Syne?that was New year, I?ll give you that ONE.

    A two minute personal e-mail to me saying ?Dave why do you put that stuff on there ?? would have been nice. Reducing all my efforts to a thirty second sound-bite felt really good......thank you. When I get some money coming in, I have five therapy sessions coming up to help straighten my fingers. You should try typing like that some time.

    Recently I was approached by two different publishers to write a book on Wi-Fi and also on how I managed to get rid of my back issues when the best spinal doctors here couldn?t figure it out. And guess what, they say they?re going to pay me for it !! One has sent me "Dragon Naturally Speaking" so I won't have to type much. Thanks for your comments, , I can spend much more time now on something that will actually help my family get through this year. And I will.

    The important thing is that from now on that everything will be neatly slotted into it?s own section on the forum and there will be no more irrelevant postings. I've prepared a thirty part Basics of Wi-Fi course that I was going to put up here after I finished with the Laptop/Health series of tutorials. It covers how RF REALLY works, modulation, coding and a whole bunch of other areas. Not from books, but real-life based on over 25 years of experience. I was going to put it up here, but the important thing is that we make sure that we have only relevant posts here. As I'm certain that you have looked at all my previous

    Good luck with that ?Living and Learning? thingy. I wish you all the best in both.



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