• I have a question on Fast BSS Transition. During Initial Mobility Domain association, from eap method or PSK, PMK-R0 is obtained and PMK-R1 is derived from the PMK-R0. Its is clear that for (re)association, PMK-R1 is used for 4-way handshake.My question is during initial/first association, does PMK-R0 is used for the 4-way handshake or PMK-R1 is used?

  • Hi Winterfell,

    802.11r is a great subject. The very initial connection / association a FULL 802.1X authentication is done. 

  • There is no doubt that this is one of the interesting topic.

    I agree with you that the Initial association involves full 802.1X authentication and as a useful byproduct it generates PMK-R0. During the same step, it creates/derives PMK-R1. When MU roams PMK-R1 is used to seed 4-way handshake. My question is during initial connection[before roaming] which one is used to seed 4-way handshake, PMK-R0 or PMK-R1?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Sathwik,

    during the FT initial mobility domain association, the PMK-R1 is being used to seed the FT 4-Way Handshake. 


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    Yes Rados, the PMK-R1 is used for the 4way handshake. After clearing the CWAP everything got cleared :)

    I am currently working on Voice Enterprise certification. What amuses me is there is only 2 testcases on Fast Transition (That too one is optional). Rest all related to 802.11k and 802.11v.

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