• For those of you supporting large Healthcare environments what are your opinions on the use of Cisco RRM in the environment? I'm concerned that Cisco's algorithims may not be right for use in Healthcare. Do you use it? Would you turn it off and statically assign channels and power? If you do use RRM, what thresholds and why?

  • Delmous,

    I don't have an answer for you, but I have usually only heard of problems with it in warehouses.

    Since we sell to Healthcare, I am also interested in what you find out.


  • I allow the radios to change channel when needed but specify only certain channels that can be used. Example in 2.4 GHz 1, 6, 11, and for 5 GHz UNII 1 and 3. I keep power static based on data from post installation active survey.

  • I like that idea.

    It seems like the only sane/sensible choice now that you mention it.

  • I prefer static channel plans, it is more work up front but can save you time later. Also you need to design your network to use something like RRM. Placing all your AP's in hospital hallways is not the best RRM deployment strategy, however patient room access can be limited. These are just my personal preferences.

  • In our hospital, we have over 700 AP's with Vocera being the justification for a dense network. With that being said, we have both power and channels statically set. Using RRM in our environment will cause unnecessary headaches.

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