• Hi all,

    Not being too knowledgeable about SCA, i was hoping someone might be able to clarify a question I have about roaming on that architecture. Specifically, if a robust security network association requires that any two radios must share dynamic encryption keys that are unique between those two radios, does that mean that SCA architectures cannot actually participate in RSNs? I'm thinking if a client moves across several APs without roaming, since it thinks it is still only connecting to a single BSSID, then it wouldn't be generating unique keys for each radio and, thus, wouldn't be creating robust security network associations.

    Am I missing something? Again, I'm not too familiar with SCA so any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

  • It is still making unique keys for the [u]logical[/u] pair. The MAC addresses are still unique for each client.

    It just looks like everyone is on the same AP - and no roaming necessary.

    RSNA still works the same.

    You can see that it is still imperative that the nonces are cryptographically unique.

  • Hmm, I get the logical association part. Looks like I just need to tweak my defination to say 'stations' instead of 'radios'. I can live with that ;-)


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