• Hi all,

    I am trying to reproduce a customer scenario in which he has 500 AP's alive any point of time and the AP's rogue monitor crashes the system.

    How do I simulate so many AP's on different channels including 11a ?


  • If you have a bunch of $, try Veriwave - now part of Ixia.

  • I know that we can simulate large of no of clients in Veriwave but I am not sure about the AP's. Wlanman have you tried simulating AP's with veriwave ?

  • Ravi,

    You are correct. Sorry if I mislead you.

    As far as I know, the AP's have to be real - the client load is what is simulated. They can simulate hundreds of those. I don't know how many AP's can be connected. Partially that is going to be determined by the number of antennas in the client enclosure, the RF switch matrix and the Veriwave software.

    I doubt that will do what you want anyway.

    If it's a matter of client's, is there anyway to write a program for say a WIN-7 machine, that will cycle the PC to different MAC addresses in AP mode ?

    [b]There is a program, I think it's called Fake-AP[/b], that can look like multiple AP's but you would probably have to change it's coding to do what you want. I think that program was originally written for faking-out War Drivers and NetStumbler.

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    You can do this with Commview for WiFi's ( frame generator. I'm pretty sure you could also use multiple adapters to get your multiple channels too.

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    Strike that... you'd have to use multiple notebooks running commview to generate on multiple channels. Not possible with multiple adapters. But still, it's an option.

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    FakeAP is described on BlackAlchemy's website at:

    FakeAP sned only Probe Requests.

    Look at MDK3 (e.g. Kali Linux) for Beacon Generation. 

  • On the website ( says "CommView for WiFi is a powerful wireless network monitor and analyzer for 802.11 a/b/g/n networks."

    Are you sure it's a frame generator ?

  • Yeah I checked on FakeAP, it needs only a prism chipset card, which I dont have.

    I found Netgear WG511v2 in, I think it's prism chipset, can someone confirm on this please ?

  • Not all Prism chipset implementations work the same way, you may have to experiment some.

    I have a box full of PCMCIA cards, most of which I had gotten used, years ago, at Ham/Computer swapmeets. Now that PCMCIA slots are becoming hard to find, they are not as helpful as they once were.

    That phase of my life (wild experimenter) is over, and now I let my employer buy me the more expensive gear and software (if I really need it) - for example OmniPeek Enterprise, or an expensive WLAN test set.

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