• What is the first step for a WLAN to make appropriate decisions for a fast transition?

    a. Correct PSK entered on all STAs

    b. The corporate devices are just too old

    c. 802.11 Authentication and Association

    d. Successful 802.1X/EAP authentication

    The answer is A, But I think C is correct.

  • By Howard - edited: January 5, 2021

    CWNP has a sometimes annoying habit, of wording questions strangely.  But let's look at this question and the answers.

    First , answer B is clearly immaterial to this question.

    Since a D could never precede a C, D cannot be correct.

    Answer C is true for ALL 802.11 communication, but the Key-Word in the question is "Fast Transition".    One could argue that since C is always required at the first connection, it is the correct.answer . 

    However, that first connection itself is not a Fast Transition, only the potentially subsequent connections could be Fast Transitions.   

    Therefore, A is correct.

    At least I think that is why CWNP says A is correct.

  • By Hajia - edited: January 10, 2021

    Thank you so much!~

    Agreed, the question is so weird.

    My concern is that if the PSK is incorrect, then the STA should not able to associate to the AP. So, any connected STAs should  be entered with "Correct PSK"

    Just don't think this is a good question.

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