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  • In the CWNA Exam (CWNA-106) Objectives¬†section 3.1.3; Explain and apply the following power management features of WLANs. My question is concerning the last point VHT TXOP. I could not find anything describing that feature in the study guide. In the 802.11AC Survival guide (Chapter 3; Page 42) all we get is; VHT TxOp Power-Save - An AP can set this bit to 1 to enable power save operations during a VHT transmission burst, or 0 to disable them. Stations associating with a network will set this bit to 1 to indicate the capability is enabled or 0 if it is disabled.¬†

    Can someone please explain and apply the power management features of VHT TXOP in WLAN?

    What is difference between VHT TXOP and the two HT power management features (Spatial Multiplexing Power Save (SMPS) and Power Save Multi Poll (PSMP))?



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