• I don't always agree with the statement Joshua made about the amplifier and UPE. I have heard of cases where it was true, but then the question is asked "Why have an AP at 100mw when the average client card is set at 30mw?". All I have to back this up is experience, not documentation. I have seen and done it many times where the AP will be close to the 4 Watt maximum and the client just using normal PC Card. It will boost distance and communication will be reliable. Now, if there were an amp at both ends, of course that is better.

    Regarding Brownmil's original question, if you have a tall tower you can run and outdoor PoE amp on the tower. That is usually the best method. Don't forget to use outdoor (Direct Bury) Cat5. If you wanted to save a few bucks, you could stick an indoor amp in a weatherproof NEMA box, but make sure that the temperature rating of the amp is within limits of your area. Remember, it will get hot inside that box come summer.

    If you want to talk to an amp manufacturer, call someone at I found them through eBay and they have great customer service. I have never tried one of their amps, but they have a great price on the direct bury cat5 I spoke of. If you give them a call, ask them about the difference between the b/g problem. My guess is that they should know the answer.

    I would like to hear what you find on this issue. Good luck and keep us posted!

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