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    I put that information and other posts like it from previous times on this forum for a very specific reason. We would all like to think that as we type away on our keyboards that nothing possibly could go wrong with our health. Sadly, that is far from the truth. Back, neck and wrist issues from repetitive keyboard useage with associated poor posture have led to an explosion of injuries. I can tell you a few facts. If two hundred people read this post on this forum, and have been working regularly with computers, statistically, several of them will end up with a major surgery related to their work ( a much higher percentage than the general population ). There are many things that can be done to help improve that situation. If you go back several years in my posts, you will find information related to that. This forum was very important to me when I was told that my life was over. It gave me something to focus on while I worked on trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I have shared that information for free ( at back pain conferences, you would pay $500 or more to be told some of the information that I have put up for free....much of the info I have put up there cannot be found anywhere. Two members of this forum have contacted me regarding serious problems that some of their family have with back pain. One was suicidal. Through some suggestions as to who to talk to, they have now been successfully treated. There are several others who spend most of the day heavily medicated, as they are afraid to tell their bosses that they are in pain all day. Job security and all that. I have never charged a single penny from any of the over three hundred people whom I have tried to help. Normal rates are $ 100 to $150 per hour by others. I have spent over 130 hours with one individual. All for free. I was given a second chance at life and have been told by some ( good ) doctors that I am the only known person who is still walking after the injuries I received.

    But you are right. Silly of me to have tried to share something that could help others. I had planned to put a few posts up on suggestions as to what to ask your doctor etc when you have back/neck/wrist issues, based on my own experiences. This is the last time I will mention anything on the subject.


  • [quote]"[i]Silly of me[/i]"[/quote] NOT for the world, mate! Helping people is actually the ONLY important thing -at least for me.
    It's really sad to read [quote]"[i]they are afraid to tell their bosses that they are in pain all day[/i]."[/quote]
    If this is really happening, it's because we are all going crazy; there is something wrong in the background!

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