• We are happy to announce the start of the CWNE forums today. If you want to discuss CWNE applications, talk to others about mentoring, or just discuss in-depth technical topics, this is a great place to start the discussions.

    When considering technical threads, ask yourself this question, "Is this a technical topic that should not be part of CWNA, CWSP, CWAP or CWDP discussions?" If the answer is yes, it belongs here. If the answer is no, please post your discussion in another appropriate forum.

    Additionally, this is a great place to ask questions about the CWNE application process.

    Thanks for participating in the CWNP community.


  • Hi Tom and CWNE community!

    How long does it usually take for an application to go form submission to approval/denial?

    Thank you,


  • Rob, thanks for the message. We have been transforming the process and some delays and communication issues have happened. We are rolling now and should be all caught up in the next few weeks. Thanks so much for your patience.


  • Apologies, the direct answer to your question is 30 days as the goal. We will be back to that by the end of June.


  • Thanks Tom! 

  • Anything happen with the automated status updates?  I stopped getting them 2 weeks ago.

    Anyone else not getting them?

  • Hey Tom,

    Does the process still takes up to 30 days? I applied 3 weeks ago, and I'm super anxious to get the final answer. 

    Thank you for your time!

  • Hi Tom,

    I work in support escalation which mainly deal with very challenging issues. I was wondering if wireless troubleshooting activities can be considered as CE credits.

    Thank you,


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