• I have been tasked with providing internet access to a buildings that are between 500-1000ft from a building that does have internet access.

    I've read a bit about mesh networks and it seems this would work but I'm only connecting 2 buildings together....Is this still the best option?

    Seeing as the distance is quite close, what brands might you suggest?

    thanks much!

  • If you don't mind, can you be more specific on the type of customer, usage and budget? Thanks!


  • The buildings are residences for nurses/doctors. There wouldn't be more than 3 users at a time and its mostly just for personal internet use. Budget is not a big concern but we would want a solution that would make the most sense...thanks..

  • I guess I need some more info. Are you trying to provide AP to STA access from that distance or are you going to put AP's in that new building?

    Either way, you don't need mesh, although it would work fine. If I understand the situation, I would probably use a decent pair of bridges to connect the two buildings then install AP's and necessary. If wiring the new building is difficult, then mesh sounds like a great option.

    My recommendations are all about budget. If you want to go very cheap mesh, Meraki may be a good way to go, although I'm not sure if there is a monthly management cost that could be a factor. The best guy on the site for Meraki is user name Needle.

    If you want high end mesh, look at Motorola, although there are many other vendors, I like Moto gear.

    If you just want an inexpensive PtP bridge, I like Tranzeo. We use those in the WISP here in AR and they work fine. Not the best, but as long as they don't get struck by lightning, they do fine.

    Enough talk. Let us know your thoughts and we'll go from there.


  • in some cases I would be connecting 2 or 3 buildings (all fairly close to the building that has internet), so I think the mesh model might be best just to keep things the same, even in cases where I only need to connect one building.

    So I was thinking to put a Meraki outdoor AP at the source as the gateway, then add one to the building that I need to connect....These can accept clients I'm guessing?...If I need to I can add an indoor access point if coverage from the outdoor one is not sufficient....

    Does this make sense?

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