• Just wondering what people use.

    I am using AirMagnet with the AirMagnet pcmcia card but there is a majo issue.

    I am upgrading my laptop and hardly anything supports pcmcia cards now?

    Wondering what other people are using?

  • I use AirMagnet also and don't really know if I would want to use anything else, I really like it. Have you checked the list of supported adapters?
    I don't really like the thought of not having a PCMCIA slot either, but I imagine just about anything you get now will have an Intel in it.


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    If you have not finalized on the laptop, you can get the Dell Latitude E6510. It has a cardbus slot.

    Also as mentioned in the previous posting AirMagnet supports a variety of adapters including cardbus, express, USB and built-in adapters.

  • Yeah I like AirMagnet and I am really conversant with the adapters.

    Unfortunately the Intel cards do not support the extended 5GHz channels, in fact non of the cards except the AIMagnet cards do.

    I am looking at the Dell E6400 as I think the E6500 is heavier will check the spec and cant afford the E6510 or E6410 for that matter. Its for work but for watever reason they do not understand the spec?

    Used Dell for many years and liked it

  • Just got a Dell XT2 for survey work. Touchscreen + Airmagnet = :)

  • I'm curious if anyone is running AirMagnet on a Mac - with windows inside a VM of some sort.. has anyone tried venturing into this territory? I know that there's a USB adapter from Ubiquity on the AirMagnet supported list..

  • Well I settled on a Dell E6400, installed my AirMagnet and it hasnt crashed once.

    Its a little heavy but as we can use the UNII2 Extended I think its important to have the AirMagnet card which covers these channels hence I have the issue of getting the PCMCIA card in.

    If there were other cards doing the UNII2 extended I would have more options.

    Jenifer - I have a freind running Windows in a MAC VM scenario but he does not use AirMaggnet, he says its nice and stable so it does work, as for AIrMagnet cant help so not much help over all really. I was thinking of that route but it would have cost twice as much as I spent.

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    I know I'm a bit late on this one, but for information's sake in case someone else comes along:

    I have two machines. One is a Dell E6500. I rarely use this one for survey's mostly because a full day of lugging it around at arms length may have happened in my Marine days, but my arms are a little out of practice.

    I also have a Dell XT2. Touch screen plus Airmagnet is just great. Also the fact that it is a tablet allows me to weild it around patient beds and the like a bit easier.

    I am mostly using the internal cards as we are still just kinda starting out and management was concerned about "all the money when none of you know the tools." We recently got an AirPcap setup as well, but I have yet to try it out.

    I mostly use AirMagnet for the survey work. I have a Cisco Cognio PCMCIA card for spectrum analysis. I have put in a request for AirMagnet Analyzer simply to make the packet captures nice and Barney style for the higher-ups. Wireshark with the right card setup can work as well for pure information gathering on a small scale.

    We didn't have any money for an actual professional survey cart setup though, so we created our own project frankestein. It consists of a rubbermade nurse cart with a PVC pipe bungy corded and ziptied to the back. It even telescopes..... kinda. With an Aruba 800 controller and AP125 mounted with APC UPS. Enough power for about 6 hours of active survey work. I'm way past due for a website or something, so I'll make one and post pics for everyone to have a good laugh over.

    Anyway, hope that helps.

  • Brad,

    If you get sick of lugging around the controller and powering it with the ups, search "Aruba Site Survey Stand Alone Cookbook" Just tried it for a few surveys and it works pretty well!

  • how to get AirMagnet for free, i only have trial version?

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