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    Will the New Exam and the Exam Beta be available in the United Kingdom? What will the life of the Exam Beta be in weeks please? Will you be producing a book that covers the course (like the 3 others) in due course? Is there sufficient material in the existing CWNP books to complete the Wireless# exam.



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    Good questions.

    All CWNP exams are always available via Prometric and VUE worldwide. The beta period starts later this month when the exam is released through Prometri Wireless# study guides. In the meantime, there are literally dozens of books, white papers, and web sites whose contents more than cover the exam objectives for Wireless#.

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    Thank you for the prompt reply. The reference book "IrDA Principles and Protocols" is not available through the normal channels (Amazon Etc) in the UK. It would be a very expensive import I expect due to shipping. Apart from web-sites, white papers etc, any good, known, substitute?

    I take it that we will be looking well into spring at the earliest for 3rd party study guides due to the publishing cycle?

    The Cisco Press "Wireless Networks First Steps" is also a good basic intro book to Wi-Fi along with Wileys "Wireless Networks End to End". However IrDA is proving a bit of a pain.



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    We're working on a complete list of recommended readings for Wireless#. For now, is the best source of information. They sell their Infrared book directly from their website as well as through

    We don't yet have dates from publishers on the availability of a Wireless# study guide.

  • This cert came a couple months too late, this is perfect for the type of environments I see.

    I did CWNA and some of it just isn't relevant for majority of my setups/implementations. The knowledge gained was enlightening nonetheless.

    Since the two certs do have some differences, I'm working towards my CWNA exam, would it make sense to later on do the wireless# course and exam?

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    Yes, because CWNA goes much deeper into 802.11 (WiFi) networking, but does not touch Bluetooth, WiMax, Zigbee, and only mentions Ir as it relates to the 802.11 standard. Wireless# - a true "entry-level" cert on the level of A+ (CompTIA) - does not require the level of detail that CWNA requires, but covers a wider spectrum of technologies.

    CWNA covers 802.11. Wireless# covers WiFi, Bluetooth, Infrared, ZigBee, and WiMAX.

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    One of the other suggested study books "Discovering Bluetooth" ISBN 0782129722 is out of print and very probably wil never come back ito print as the publisher has been swallowed up by Wiley.

    Apart from the web sites suggested is there any other known good source. I am afraid it is always assumed that a web conection is always available with some means of accessing it and preferably over broadband. This is very often not possible or convienient.

    So far in the UK two of the suggested reading books/material are now going to be difficult to get hold of. I know the list is not (yet) exahustive but there must be more titles around or it will become very hit and miss as to what is good and what is not.

    Books still are the most common and reliable/convienient learning medium.


  • Sorry I seem to be having trouble posting under my own name when logged in. Very strange!

  • You can order the Infrared book directly from and we are looking for other good Bluetooth books. The and websites are both very good sources of information on bluetooth.

  • I'm afraid you can't order direct from as this is the blank page you get... or should I say they lead you to believe that you can but since the day you announced this exam and I checked you get a blank page!

    I believe that I did try to order another book published by MCI and it linked me to a merchant site that did not export o/s the US. They suggested I try who's service quite frankly is terrible these days.

    I have given up importing books from them as they either take months by surface mail or cost a fortune by air. They also allege they have books in stock that when you order them they suddenly take to weeks to get hold of and you order sent out. I think it's called sitting on your money to gain interest! By the way if you can't get it via then forget

    I did see some books on Bluetooth but many seem split between the (two?) versions or revisions of Bluetooth. Once again the web is a wonderful place for information provided that your have the time to search!


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