• is my scenario. I have Network A all ready implemented with a Linksys WRT54G.

    Now, I have another set of PC's ( that I will call Network B) that need to be able to access Network A and it is not possible to run CAT5 between the two. I currently have a wireless linksys router that the 4 PCs will plug into. Now, do I have to setup a bridge between the two sets of PC's or how would I make this happen?

  • There are a number of ways to do this. How far apart are network A and B physically? I'm assuming you can't run Cat5 between the two because of some sort of limitation other than port availability. I don't believe the linksys router you are using is cable of bridging AND serving local clients. You could get a couple of cheap APs and bridge between the two networks. You will also want to consider the type of applications shared between the two networks to make sure you have enough bandwidth and response time.

  • I have a wireless router, but I could use a hub to plug in my 4 PC's. Now, I think I need an AP at both locations setup for bridging right? The two locations are not that far away, but running a wire is not an option.

  • You could probably do something like this...

    network A - Linksys router>Switch>PCs and AP (bridge mode)
    network B - AP (bridge mode)>switch

    Network B will be able to access network A AND anything attached to A. Basically putting the two APs in bridge mode will be like running a cable between the two buildings. You need to keep this in mind to avoid potential IP address conflicts.

    I've got something similar setup and home to play around. I'm using cheap old Cisco 1230AG APs.

  • On Network B..could I connect everything with a switch and then from the switch to my AP to make the wireless connection between the two networks?

  • Yes network B would be attached to a switch with your PCs and the "network b" AP in bridge mode connected to the "network a" AP in bridge mode. Those two APs bridged together would form your "wire" between the two networks.

  • On Network B..could I connect everything with a switch and then from the switch to my AP to make the wireless connection between the two networks?

  • Use the Linksys wet54g or their business wireless bridge wet200 if I remember well...

  • "Normal" wireless infrastructure equipment has three options.

    - AP mode - Can have clients connected

    - Repeater (WDS) mode - Will repeat the wireless signal from any designated AP

    - Work Group Bridge (WGB) mode - This will enable the AP to act as a wireless client and "convert" it to Ethernet.

    What you need is a device that will become a WGB and an AP at the same time. Most devices won't do that, but there are some. There is a way to do it without using a device that does both at the same time.

    The least expensive way to go is to get one device that is configured for a WGB (Linksys with firmware upgrade or a Senao ECB 3220(Engenious)).

    I reread your post and I'm not sure if you want network B to have wireless access. If so, plug an AP into the WGB and you are off and running. If you want wired, plug a hub/switch into the WGB. If you want both, plug in the hub/switch then plug an AP into the hub/switch.

    Let us know if we can be of more help.


  • Network B at this point will not be providing wireless access.

    Now, I will need a bridge on either end correct?

    Thanks for all the help.

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