• Must-haves

    - Wireless LAN Sight Survey experience
    - AirMagnet Survey Products
    - Ability to walk between buildings


    - Cisco, Ariba, or Meru Wireless LAN products
    - Cisco, Ariba or Meru routers and switches
    - Cisco Unified Product Suite
    - Aironet series, (specifically 1140 or 3500)


    Insight Global is looking for 3 individuals for a 1 month Wireless LAN Site Survey project. These individuals will be analyzing and determining potential wireless access points in a local hospital. The hospital campus consists of multiple buildings, however all will be within walking distance.

    These individuals will typically work an 8-9 hour shift Monday through Friday. However, in order to cater to different departments within the Hospital, certain areas may require flexible hours (5pm-11pm shift)

    Candidates need to have experience doing site surveys with Wireless LAN products such as Cisco, Ariba, or Meru. Candidates with experience with AirMagnet Surveys are highly desired but not required. Candidates should be familiar with testing, validation, etc.

    Start Date - June 27th


    Ryan Finnegan

    Insight Global, Inc.

    5540 Centerview Drive, Suite 316

    Raleigh, NC 27606

    (919) 859-6799 Office

    (919)859-6733 Fax

    IGI Dial: 6481


  • I've heard that "Ariba" gear is really fast. :)


  • By (Deleted User)

    Faster than Rickis, from what I hear. :P

  • For sure! :)


  • I know two guys I can recommend; Andrea and Andrea who work for Ariba...
    ROFL :)


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