• Wireless System Solution Engineer ? Los Angeles, CA
    The Wireless System Solution Engineer will be responsible for presales support at customer meetings, RFP technical response support, requirements collection, RF design, RF propagation modeling, site survey's at enterprise locations, selection of the best wireless solution, installation project management and technical oversight, integration of wireless solutions into the existing network, data collection, troubleshooting, etc.
    High Level Requirements (Understanding of all of the following): Wireless systems experience with providing carrier grade wireless networks. Wireless Technologies. Antenna concepts . Repeater concepts. WiMAX and Wi-Fi knowledge. Network Design, Installation, and Management. Wireless Standards and Organizations. Wireless technologies. Project management concepts. System troubleshooting. How to Perform Site Surveys.
    Required Qualifications: (Education, Technical Skills/Knowledge)
    ? Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent working experience. ? 5 years of Wi-Fi Systems design, integration, and optimization experience ? Experience working on Wi-Fi Solutions in high density environments such as
    stadiums and arenas is strongly preferred. ? Experience in designing Layer 2 and 3 networks ? Strong knowledge of switching and routing hardware. ? Intimate knowledge of propagation modeling and tools ? Fundamental understanding of the physics behind RF wave propagation
    theory. ? Ability to apply logarithmic RF math concepts to perform power link budget
    calculations, and compare different products via their technical specifications ? Excellent customer interface skills working with Wireless Services providers
    and end Enterprise customers. ? Ability to use basic office applications, including Powerpoint, Word, Excel,
    Visio, AutoCAD Lite, Outlook/Email ? Excellent oral and written communication skills. ? Ability to travel and work at the customer site for 50% of normal work time.
    Desired Qualifications: (Education, Technical Skills/Knowledge)
    ? IBwave training/experience. ? Atoll training/experience ? Other propagation tools ? Wi-Fi System training/certification for: Belair , OmniAccess , Aruba ,
    Alvarion , Cisco, Ruckus , Redline , Ruggedcom ? 5 years of design, integration and optimization experience with one or more of
    the Wi-Fi solutions listed above ? Training/certification for WiMAX and or Wi-Fi technologies ? Strong knowledge of Windows Server Operating Systems and UNIX

    Joseph Gee
    Technical Recruiter

    An Inc 500 'Fastest Growing Company in America'
    Tel: 312.804.5361
    Fax: 917.591.7543

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