• So is anyone thinking about taking the WCNA (Wireshark Certified Network Analyst) exam?

    Seems like it could be a good tie in with cisco and wireless. Granted I don't know how the industry will respond. So what do you think? Is it worth looking into? I think I will pick up the book anyway Laura's stuff is pretty good.

  • I might take it eventually, but there are a few others I'm working on before I get to that. There was a bit of a debate on the value of this cert a few weeks back at Seems that most would agree with your comment that Laura's material is pretty good.

  • Hello CWNPites! <G>

    I'll be hosting four free webinars next week to talk about the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst program. Anyone can register to join me at (The certification info pack is online at as well.)

    These webinars will be just 20 minute overviews of the certification focus including some example exam questions and then open Q&A.

    If anyone has questions about the program, you can simply email me (

    As a side note, the test is focused on both Wireshark functionality/interpretation as well as protocol behavior (skills and knowledge questions). A candidate should have a solid skill set in using Wireshark to capture and focus in on specific traffic of interest and they should be able to spot the most common protocol/application issues.

    Please feel free to join me next week or shoot me an email with your thoughts/questions!


  • I have been involved in packet/frame analysis for many years. Mostly WAN related, but with plenty of LAN/radio scenarios.

    Have been going through Laura's book for the last few months and have found loads and loads of useful tips. There are so many nuances to TCP/IP. The book contains tons of real-life situations and I would strongly recommend it to anyone in Wi-Fi. Even if you don't intend to do the certification (which IMHO) is an extremely useful one, the book should be on every Wi-Fi engineer's shelf.

    I hear so many people saying "Oh, I know all about TCP/IP" you don't.

    Just one small aspect of TCP, how it can cope with variable delays from low earth orbiting satellites (windowing etc), can and does fill books.

    Even though the book is "Wireshark-oriented", the vast majority of the subject matter applies to most of the commercial analysis packages available today.


  • I am in the middle of reading Laura's book and it is very good. I have been a netwrok engineer for the last 10 years and completed my share of traffic captures and analysis on LAN, WAN & WLAN networks. I would agree with Dave1234 the real life stuff is very helpful. I will be making it recommended reading for my comms team.


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