• What other fellow CWNE's have been choosing for CE credits?

  • By Howard - edited: December 9, 2021

    It's been a few years, but I used my CISSP, NETWORK+,and CEH cert/preparations.


    Actually, I Misread the Question .  I never did get my CWNE due to financial and scheduling difficulties.  But I did use those certs for CE's at various points in my career.

    I've spent so many years around the CWNP Forums, classes,and conferences, it seems like I should be a CWNE, but I'm not. 

    I even got asked to write one of their books a few years ago.  I took that as a great honor.

    I heartily suggest that everyone in the program, get your butts in gear, and complete your  CWNE.   Don't delay.  Once those re-certification deadline start to appear,  it might be impossible to finish the program.

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