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    Thanks for the help guys. I'll run down what we're looking at and see if we can't narrow down the focus and clear up some confusion.

    The phones are running 802.11g. The APs are supporting another SSID that has to support b clients, so the APs as a unit are also supporting b.

    When I said "test floor" I mean that we can make changes to this floor specifically without having to go through our normal Change Control Board. The wireless network is in use, and we are actually now on our second design of this floor since the opening of the building. It appears that the design is still wrong.

    We are looking at phones that run on a, but we are weary of having that be our fix because the hospital is planning on moving data to 5 GHz n.

    We're located in Oregon. I'm working on my CWNA and we have one guy on staff that is a CWNA. We've been given permission to draft the changes we would like to see made and present them, but here's to hoping they'll let us change them.

    One thing I did find while going back through the controller was that our main data network has all available data rates for both b and g enabled. This explains the one packet capture we got a while back that showed all management traffic in the 1-2 Mbps range.

    Airmagnet Planner proposes 5 APs for the entire floor. There are currently 18 on the floor. Our new plan is to put together a design that covers the floor but also leaves wiggle room, so that we don't have to necessarily move all of the APs on the floor again, as well as minimizing bleed through down the elevator shafts. The shafts seem to be the only place that we get any signal from floors above.

    Again thanks for the ideas and the information guys.

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