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  • raghu45 Escribi?3:

    Please explain the statement

    "Enterprise wireless gateways may be able to do same functions for wired users as they can for wireless users" .

    This was taken from 3rd edition study guide for CWNA.

    It depends on what configuration and what features are avaliable on the EWG devices, IT would but has it limitations with its' functions releated to feature additions.

  • "If STA A receives a Class 2 frame with a unicast address in the Address 1 field from STA B that is not authenticated with STA A, STA A shall send a deauthentication frame to STA B"

    1.What if the STA A is in state 2, it cant use Deauthenticated frame as it is a class 3 frame.

    "Reassociation frames shall only be sent if the sending STA is already associated in the same ESS."

    2.How can then a reassociation frame is considered aclass 2 frame.

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