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    HI, I'm new to this. My name is Tripp. I work as a desktop tech/lan admin for a billing software dev company in Denver. I just wanted to pass along to anyone who can use is a book search site finding books by several methods and sorting by cheapest first. I have one question as far as the exam goes. I'm not super savvy in networks. I've passed the A+ O/S part as well as NT wrkstn and a couple Office exams. I've got some education under my belt as well in computers. Do you recommend any books on general networking that can assist with the wireless guides for the Wireless# exam? I would prefer to buy only one since the wireless books are not cheap. Also does one need all the recommended wireless books for this exam or can say 3-4 cover them? thx

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    Hi Tripp,

    Thanks for stopping by and adding your comments. We're gathering as many suitable reading resources as we can find until such time as one or more Wireless# study guides are published.

    No, you don't need all the books on the list. Rather, I'd get one or two for the areas in which you might be weakest. However, before doing that, I would start with the web sites of the various technology organizations. They are free, and provide most of the basic information, and that's what's tested on Wireless#.

    We are developing a practice test, which we hope to have available shortly, and that will give Wireless# candidates a better view into what the exam will be like.

    Thanks again for visiting and asking for more info.

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    Thanks, Kevinator. A couple more questions if you don't mind. Will the beta test be released online for taking? Will you select individuals to take the test in advance of the 1st actual test?

    Also, when you say read the web sites for information that will be on the test do you mean study their whole web sites and understand them completely? Or look for specific information on them? Thanks and excuse my stupidity.


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    tc -

    "Will the beta test be released online for taking?" - no. The beta test will be released and available at all Prometric and VUE testing centers.

    "Will you select individuals to take the test in advance of the 1st actual test?" - No, the beta exam will be open to the public.

    "do you mean study their whole web sites and understand them completely" - What we mean is start with the Wireless# exam objectives and study that information from the various technology web sites that we've posted. Yes, I know this is vague, but Wireless# is an entry-level exam, so the topics that are tested on the exam are surface-level topics, the facts about the various technologies.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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