• hello all!
    i have already achieved cwna and cwsp certificates, is it necessary to go in deep to wireless# ? some friend of mine told me that more certificates more money :)

  • By (Deleted User)

    We don't agree with your friend. You don't see many CCNPs going back to get their A+ certifications just to have another cert on their resume.

    If you are a CWNA, you are equipped to work in an enterprise class wireless environment. Wireless# is entry-level and prepares people for working on home networks and small office networks, as well as learning the basics about many wireless technologies. CWNA covers all of the Wi-Fi material that is in the Wireless# exam, but none of the additional wireless technologies. Your career path should determine if you need one or both certifications.

  • It is also important to keep in mind, mademirci, that not all who get certifications do it for resume purposes. Some do it for the knowledge.

    If you want to gain conceptual and decision making knowledge related to Bluetooth, RFID, IrDA and WiMax - which are not really covered in CWNA - Wireless# is a great benefit.


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