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    The CWTS exam PW0-070 will be retired on December 31, 2012. The new exam PW0-071 will be available in November 2012. Please click here to download the new PW0-071 exam objectives. Please click here to download the “what changed” PDF, to see what is changing from 070 to 071. 

  • Hello. Who knows when you update the content of simulators to PWO-070 PWO-071, on page.


  • I assume you are asking when the practice exams sold here at will be updated to support PW0-071. The answer is that they already do. The current PW0-070 practice exams cover most of the objectives in PW0-071. The exam pools will be updated in the next few weeks with additional questions that cover the remaining small percentage of those objectives.

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  • Ok Tom, muchas gracias por la informacion.

  • good morning

    I would like to have your consent regarding the following:

    Commits the CWTS exam in 8 days and just study the guide PW0-70 and the practice test that I bought last year. I have to earn that percentage PW0-071 exam without studying the guide PW0-71?, You should take the test?.


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    If I correctly understand your question , you are asking if you can pass the current CWTS exam (PW0-071) using the PW0-070 materials. If that is your question, the answer is yes. It is possible. There may be a few questions that you do not know, but you could potentially pass the test if you know all that material very well. We always encourage people to use the newest materials that were prepared against the current objectives because they are sure to cover the exam topics well.


    Additionally, if you have a license for our CWTS practice tests here at, you will notice that it has been upgraded to support PW0-071 at this time.


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  • good morning

    Tom thank you very much for the info. Indeed updated for two days at the Practice PW0-071 test. My study has been thoroughly and I'm sure I can win the test.
    On Saturday I'll tell you how I was presenting the test.

    Happy day.

  • OK on the note of exam taking.  I have read the CWTS SG 2x and have taken each of the practice test online 3 times with a average score of 80.22 test pool A (85%) test pool B (75%).  I look back over my questions I missed and they are never the same and generally they are (well you idiot you knew that).  So what I'm getting at during my rambling is how close to question topic/idea are the test questions to the real world.  In the past I've received 90%+ on cisco official practice test then sit the test and walk away with a 70% fail.  With the price of exams going up ever time we turn around (not sure with CWNP as I'm new to you guys) I don't want to sit the exam if I'm not the sample test scores do not reflect real world test scores on the exam.  I'm not looking to get 100%....OK I'd like 100% but I'm realistic...I know the base theory, and knowledge and in the future know I don't have to have the antenna pattern of every antenna memorized just know where and how to find it.

  • The real exam covers the same material as the practice tests, and in a very similar format.  If you are scoring 90+ percent on the practice exams (by comprehension, not memorization), then you're probably ready for the real deal.

    Just make sure you are studying to the exam objectives, not just reading the study guide.  Read other (reputable) sources, including relevant parts of the 802.11 standard.  I've found Matthew Gast's books helpful in understanding the 802.11 principles and concepts.

  • I doubt you will have problems with the CWTS exam.

    But, just as in the case of the more advanced certs starting with the CWNA, studying to the objectives is THE key.

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