I ordered the IrDA book through this webpage, and received it very quickly.


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    Try pressing the button Add To Cart and see what happens!


  • uh oh, that's not good. I just bought this book from them about 2 months ago (very very good book). I'll email them.


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    Without being too presumptious don't you think before the Beta Exam goes out we should actually have something to study from.

    I'm sure there are many people who will be capable of taking this exam, and I wonder just how many will have either passed other CWNA exams, or Cisco or HP etc.

    Unless you have got a base of available exam material to w does not help now.

    If you give me six books to read through, two or three I either cannot get or will be unable to get for some good while then I am going to struggle. Especially if you also have students chasing round the web for fragments of information.

    Don't forget this is a worldwide exam and if your source books are not published outside the US or are in very limited supply outside the US the worth of the Certification will diminish somewhat!

    In addition to what level do they, the students, study each objective, having looked through the draft objectives I could spend a great deal of time in a number of levels and really not know to what depth you intended.

    If this is a entry level exam then you want entry level people taking it to give you a good idea what level to pitch the questions, frame, adjust etc. They are going to need the reading material.

    I am willing to have a go but the more variables you throw at us the more difficult this becomes. It is not so much a quest for knowledge as the quest for the lost or misplaced knowledge.



    It's an entry-level exam, so don't expect extreme depth of material.

    The CWNP Program is not producing courseware or study guides on this exam. There is lots of readily available information on the websites and in the books listed in the above URL.

    We will be producing a practice test that will show the candidate example questions so that they will understand the depth to which to study.


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    I do recall the cwna 1 and 2 versions covering open air, blue tooth etc in a basic beginners manner.

    Also, there is a reasons why maybe A+ etc canceled their beginner wireless exams.

  • yeah I remember the earlier versions of the cwna that had the bluetooth and open air basic stuff also.

    Plus, there may have been a finanacial reasion why the other guys A+, comptia etc have shelved their entry level wireless cert. Has that been explored?
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  • Thanks Charles!

  • Hi,

    To be accurate re the shipping I've just copied this from the site in question and pasted here....see following.


    Domestic: $4.00 for the first book, $2.00 for each additional.
    U.S. Priority Mail, please allow 4-7 days for delivery.

    International: $9.00 for the first book, $3.00 for each additional.
    U.S. Global Priority Mail, please allow 5-8 days for delivery.

    The link above does not work by the way and the other direct link for the book from this site goes to where I have had to order the book previously not being able to use the MCL site which was down as admitted above.

    Delivery time from to UK......22 days unless I wanted it by courier then an additional $35, more than the cost of the book!

    So if it is finally available from the MCL site I'd take that!


  • I have to say that it has intrigued me to read the complaints about a non-existing study guide during the beta of an exam. I've been taking certification exams for more than ten years and it's pretty common practice that, during beta, there is no study guide available. Those of us who write the study guides or create CBTs are sitting the beta exams to get a feel for depth and breadth of information to cover in the guides to be written.

    The beta exam is usually intended for those who are already well studied in the technologies and serves as an opportunity to fine-tune the exam for the future non-beta test takers. As an auther and CBT creator, I have to say thanks for the beta and I look forward to the study guides.


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