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    Has anyone taken the beta exam yet? I'm just wondering what your take on it was.


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    I am looking at attempting it in the coming week. I will let you know how it turns out by the weekend.

    There is a natural resistance in taking this but , I personally need and want to attempt it. Been studying the various topics and read lots of the whitepapers over the past month since the news release on the exam. Don't have all the books recommended and wish there was a study guide available. I am sure there will be a publisher that will compile something in the coming months.

    Wireless is in a constant state of flux!


  • I tried three testing centers in my area and the earliest I could sit the exam was November 16 (and I'm out of town that day and the next) so I'll be sitting it on November 18. I'll post some feedback here after taking the exam.

    As for a study guide, I can assure you that one is coming soon. I am looking forward to this new cert and think the industry is ripe for it and it will be a great success.

    Not to mention, the study guide will be the first book on wireless technologies that really covers a bit about this vast array of wireless devices. As you know, most wireless books focus on Wi-Fi and those on Bluetooth ir IrDA cover way more than most of us need to know.

    Great job - one more time - Planet3!

  • sysedco Escribi?3:

    As for a study guide, I can assure you that one is coming soon.

    Do you have any idea when that might be, and by which publisher? It appears you may have an inside track to what's coming.....I too am looking forward to it.

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    Yes, I took it (passed), see my post Take the Exam.

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