• I just downloaded the Zigbee pdf. Is the whole thing required reading for the exam or can you point out different sections best for the exam? It's almost 400 pages long.

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    Check out the Wireless# exam objectives, and look at the various topics that you need to be familiar with on ZigBee. That should lead you to the appropriate sections of the ZigBee PDF.


    - Define the roles of the ZigBee Alliance in providing direction and accountability within the wireless networking industry

    - Summarize the characteristics, basic attributes, and advantages of ZigBee:
    * Frequencies
    * Power requirements
    * Topology models
    * Security features
    * IEEE 802.15.4 standard
    * ZigBee stack

    - Identify and describe common ZigBee applications
    * Building Automation and Residential / Light Commercial Control
    * Industrial Control
    * Personal Health Care
    * PC & Peripherals
    * Consumer Electronics

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  • Thanks. Did you come up with any other guides that would assist in this? Any test questions. I checked out and only see questions for cwna and above but not for wireless#. I also have a couple of books. Any books in particular encompass all? I have a somewhat limited budget for materials.


  • Oh Yeah and where are the practice tests at?

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