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    All who are hesitate, it is straight forward and you will pass. Don't dig too deep if you have a general understanding of each area you will do fine. There are questions there that will cause you to think a bit , but overall if you use the exam objectives and take notes on each area you will do fine.

    Much easier than the CWNA. :)


  • Hi.

    I am a little intrigued by your comments in regard to the Beta Exam. Do you mean at the end of your exam you got a "pass" or "fail"!

    I only ask because I have taken a couple of so called "professionally" presented Beta Exams from other commercial vendors which were then analysed externally to produce a professional accreditation.

    It is rather like being in a gun battle without being told who the enemy is, which is about right for today and Capitol Hill.

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    Do you mean at the end of your exam you got a "pass" or "fail"!

    Yes Sir,

    PASS or FAIL is the standard for this exam. I believe you as well as other will PASS. P3W kept it simple and to the point.


  • If you pass the beta exam, you get your Wireless# certification just as if you had passed the final version. We certainly do want and need feedback from the test takers - especially during the beta period.

    By the way, Reggie, congratulations on being the first person to pass Wireless# at the instructor level! Nice work!



  • I took this exam yesterday and also passed. The questions are well laid and quite straightforward. Like in previous posts I can definitely reccomend making sure you familiarise yourself with each of the skills measured by the exam. If you can safely put a tick next to each of these you will do fine :).


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