• Just got home from failing my first exam! But, I feel good about it....Yeah, weird eh? Ok I admit it, I didn't prepare for this one that much other than glancing over the Objectives and touching up on the various topics it listed. I have passed harder exams (Security+) but some of the stuff on this one I just plain out wasn't familiar with.

    Loads of questions on ZigBee, Wi-Fi, WiMax, 802.16, 802.15.4 (ZigBee) 802.15.1, WiBRO and WiMAX- some multiple choice questions asking about advantages of certain Wireless technologies had over one another. I will take this again and I'm sure I'll pass, I missed about 8 too many... but, oh well, I don't feel bad for failing... Next time round' I'll actually study!!! Good luck all!


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    I am nearing the end of writing a Wireless# Study Guide that will be available very soon from Keep watching this space for more details.


  • If you didn't study the ZigBee, WiMAX, Bluetooth and IrDA stuff, you should have failed. By that I mean, it shows the exam really covered this stuff. In the end, you certainly shouldn't feel bad about that.

    After sitting the exam myself, I can see that it is largely about Wi-Fi, but the breakdown is pretty close to what the objectives say. The big thing is to remember the speeds, distances and standards within all these different technologies. If you know this things, you'll be able to pass the exam, but more importantly, you'll be able to select the right equipment for the right situation in the real world.

    Of course, you'll still need to know all the Wi-Fi stuff ;-)

    Good luck next time.

  • I did study and still got a 60%. I took their practice test and made a 93%. Even sat through a week with Mr. Bardwell for CWNA. I found several questions to have multiple answers but they only wanted one. I guess i just lost my $85. Don't know if i will retake it or not. Thought about going to take the CWNA but I doubt it now.

  • Axislae,
    Did you study the IRda, Bluetooth, RFID, Zigbee, and WiMax specs before taking the test? The CWNA gives you more than enough information for the 802.11 portion, it is the other protocols above that are not covered in any study guide (yet) and you have to study for on your own. I have some tables and notes that might help if you want to take it again. I sincerely hope you do. The value of the CWNP stuff is that it is not easy to attain, but if you have 802.11 cold and can memorize and compare and contrast the above protocols you should be able to nab this one.

  • I guess i would be willing to retest. I would love to get the study info from you. It would be greatly appreciated.

  • Glad to hear you are sticking with it. Review the 802.11 stuff you already know from the class you took and use these. Really focus on understanding the technologies enough to differentiate wich one is more appropriate in wich circumstance. Zigbee and Bluetooh are very similar, make sure you have a clear understanding of the differences and in what situations you would use one over the other.

    IrDA Table:
    Bluetooth Table:
    These tables and notes on WiMax and Zigbee with speeds and standard are all zipped up here:

  • thanks a lot. i got all of it. i have scheduled for Tuesday to test....thanks

  • Best of luck axislae! Let us know how it works out. If you can peg those other protocols and fall back on your 802.11 stuff you will rock it. If MIMO wasn't covered in your class I would check in to that as well. Again, after memorizing those other protocols really think through which of all the technologies you would use in a given situation. Also run the practice test here on the site a few times so you really get the strcuture of the questions. They aren't the same questions as the test but they will really give you a feel for how the test questions will be structured. Also, insist on paper and pen or pencil instead of the wipe off plastic sheet and take a minute to dump everything you can remember on to the paper before you start. Helps work out the nerves and you can look back at it when questions come up (thanks as always to my good friend/teacher casey for that tip!!!).

  • what? i tot after u have failed your wireless# you are not allow to resit? unless its not beta..... am i right

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