• Well, I passed............ Whew. And no I wont tell ya what I got........LOL

    Let me first say thanks to Intensified. The charts you sent me dude, were larger than life with respect to my studying. I certainly would have been in the dark without that knowledge. Thanks Man.

    Now to the test......... There certainly is room for more research into the information thats needed for that test. BETA HUH... Well, that one kicked my butt. Just when I thought I had put enough time into it studying, I found questions that left me baffled, more like jaw dropping.

    Word to the wise, if you're gonna take this test, (Beta not around much longer) go thru the practice test, maybe 3 times, or 4, but do yourself a big favor, take the information thats posted after each question and dig deeper. I found alot of the information was right on, but there are some things that need a bit more research into it.

    Kevin, thanks for taking the calls and answering a few questions along the way.

    I've added some researched things to the charts that Intensified created and put them in a spreadsheet format,. Anybody that wants it, PM me.

    Now on to CWNA...........

  • Congratulations!! Nice work!

    This exam isn't a gimme is it? :-D


  • No, its certainly not a gimme...... Intensified must have slept with the notes on his pillow each night.

    I will say though, I learned about technologies I was never aware of, Zigbee for one.

    You guys mixed it up well........

  • lonny,

    Got any tips or any personal documents that you created that I might be able to take a peak at? I plan on retaking this exam in a few weeks... I wish CWNP would show me in which areas I missed; just knowing I failed with a 53% isn't good enough for me. PM me or email me if you want to. Thanksin advance.


  • Thanks Lonny for the notes you sent to me yesterday. I squeaked by and passed this test today. I spent a couple of days reading through all of the practice questions and then reinforced the knowledge with your notes and it was just enough to give me a passing score.

    This test was a little tougher than I expected so, do take the time to study for it.

  • lonnylegrand,
    YOU ARE WELCOME! Keep in mind I took Wireless# after CWNA/CWSP, so I had the 802.11 stuff cold. The rest are what I crammed for an entire day leading up to the test. Didn't sleep with them on my pillow, but I certainly dreamed about them!!

    Casey from the forums here was my CWNA/CWSP instructor and he gave me an awesome test tip. He called it "nervous notes". Basically you make tables, charts and notes that would really help to have during the test. You memorize them and practice writing them out as fast as you can over and over until you can do it by rote. When you sit for the test you request an actual pencil and paper rather than the wipe off plastic thing. The first thing you do when you sit down is write out your notes. It helps re-affirm your knowledge, ease your nerves, and gives you notes during the test. You braindump everything you can remember on to the paper as quickly as you can. For Wireless# I did the tables I posted before for Bluetooth and IrDA, the frequncies for RFID and the subcommitees for WiMax and Bluetooth....

  • Hey Intessified

    If you still have the tables and charts in some pdf word or other form, I would appreciate the help if you would forward them down this way.


  • rcowan
    They are all zipped up here:

  • Thanks


  • yes thanks!

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