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  • I passed the W# exam today.

    Score = NONE OF YOUR BEESWAX :-)


  • Congrats!

    Could you please share what you used to prepare you? Thanks.

  • Congrats rcowan. Hey, what did you score? ;-D just kidding.

    I'm anxious to hear some feedback on this exam. Can you throw us a bone please sir?


  • Way to go! Congrats!


    Well with out sharing any secrets that will get the Devinator on my case,
    I used the MegaGuide (probably 4 passes), intensifieds charts "Thank you sir", a couple of swings through parts of the Dummy's Wireless book (I hate that name), Wireless Security Handbook (Aaron E. Earle author), the section on Wireless in my Kurtz &Vines CISSP/ISSEP prep book (those guys rock) and about 6 test on this site. I printed the missed questions and their explainations from the first test and reviewed them.

    The test itself is challenging because it makes you think (not fun at my age) not just remember questions. I think the questions with the pics need a little work. Showing me a device with a certain plug on one end and not showing me the other end and asking me "What is it" is sneeky.

    I think I took about a month to prep. I started with a handicap though, I am an Extra Class ham and a CISSP so I had some preconcieved notions about RF communications.

    Somebody tell me the CWNA and the CWSP exams are not quite as wide and shallow.


  • Congratulations rcowan!

    Great info, thanks. CWNA is about the same width, but much deeper. CWSP isn't nearly as wide, but is FAR deaper still (same with CWAP)


  • So where is my certificate and account???? Holy Cow Batman its been over 10 hours since I passed ;~)


  • You gotta give us at least 12 hours man....lets be realistic. ;-) The code running on the experimental certificate-making robotic monkey is a little quirky still.


  • By (Deleted User)

    I pass my W# about 2 weeks ago. I purchase the Mega guide and read a few articles about Bluetooth, and RFID etc etc. They where many questions related to troubleshooting regular Wi-Fi problems too, so I suggest you read a little bit more then what the Mega guide provides you. I only study for a full week and I did the test and got 83%. Oh don?¡é?€??t forget that after you read the Mega guide that includes all the topics of the exam get the Practice exam from this site that will help you big time. After I got the results from the practice test I went and read the guide again on different subjects, and I observe and read the explanations of the questions I got wrong and re-retook the practice test again to see how much I did increase the score.

    So in order to pass. 1. get the mega guide and read it, ?¡é?€??Complete?¡é?€?? 2. Get the practice test. 3. Book the exam.


  • Thanks Radiomen! Very good feedback!

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