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    Searching on, i saw that a study guide is going to be released in June with nearly 700pages.

    Next week i will be taking the Wireless# certification exam and i would like to know if there is much difference between the Mega Guide with 120pages and the study guide of June.

    Does that also mean that the Wireless# Exam objectives will change by June?

    It is a big difference from Mega Guide to the Study Guide.

    I hope i can pass the exam with the Mega Guide and some other material i got.


  • This thread is a little disconcerting to me. The thought that reading 100 pages is too much work to prepare for a certification tells me that someone wants a brainbench certification level of effort but a CWNP level of credibility. THe wireless# exam is definitely entry-level compared to CWNA/CWSP, but you will have to study for more than an hour or two to pass the exam.

    The official study guide is about 400 pages because it provides scenarios and not just facts. The Mega-Guide provides the facts, which is just fine - if you will put in the effort to understand the application to the real world. The key is this... work for a credential and then the credential provides credibility. If we don't have to work for it, why should anyone grant us any "value increase" for having acquired it.

    C'mon guys... let's put in the time, pass the test, and show we REALLY know about this wireless stuff.

    Tom Carpenter

  • This is all very academic as the Wireless# Study Guide is still not available despite people such advertising its publication date as the 1st June 2006 and promises from other quarters that it would be available soon.

    At the moment one is left with the Mega Guide, and the CWNA/CWSP study guides plus the reading list and whatever web sites are recommended.

    I much prefer to study off officially credited sources that have sufficent depth to do the job. Prep Logic says there is enough in their Mega Guide for the exam, whereas Mr Carpenter disagrees and says that his tome is the only true enlightenment.

    Well I can't blame you for advertising your wares Mr Carpenter but unfortunately a bit like snake oil there is nothing truly useful to buy at the moment. Can yougiveus a firm date for publication?


  • It wasn't me intention to advertise, I've just been observing the forums here and have noticed some people saying they've failed the test and they used the Mega-Guide. I think this is because you cannot pass a "Devin-test" (new term Devin!) by just memorizing facts and that's what the Mega-Guide presents. It's up to the reader to scenarioize (another new word!) the information to get true understanding. It is, however, a great resource for a current CWNA to get up to speed.

    As for it being all academic, not really - I have seen the official study guide ;-)

    The most important thing is to keep in mind that the intent of my post had nothing to do with what you've stated. It had to do with getting the point across that a certification that could be prepared for and passed by quickly reading a 100-150 page document and memorizing its contents is probably not worth the cost of the exam. IMHO.

    Finally, I hope noone will read my book and then take the test. I'd like to think they would get some experience with the technology itself.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Tom Carpenter

  • You really don'y do irony do you. Actually the point of my posting was simply the product i.e. your book is still not available. I can't blame you for being proud of your work, but without an independant review we are working off the advertising are we not. Your note on about it's availability is well noted but just a promise for the future at the moment. I'm sure it will turn out allright in the end though.


  • Wow. I heard from another topic that this is a certification that listens , now two posts above this one, i know this is also a certification that admits, admits that the Mega Guide is not enough for the wireless#, too bad i hadn;t see that post before.

    Also, according to the website the Official Guide should have 656pages and now the author says only 400. Where did the 256other pages go ?

    Just a thought,

  • By (Deleted User)

    Hold on there cowboy batjedi. Tom said **IN HIS OPINION** the mega guide from PrepLogic "simply does not provide the information for a "true" entry-level individual to pass the exam".

    So, (a) Tom does not work for CWNP. He's an independent author who happens to be writing the official Wireless# study guide for McGraw-Hill.

    And, (b) he did not say that the mega guide was not enough. We - CWNP - have reviewed the book, and we know both of the authors (Joel Barrett and Jimmy Donohue) very well. We have endorsed and approved this mega guide because it covers everything on the exam, and in our opinion, covers it well.

    Finally, do not ever believe anything that says about any book until you see the book. Amazon is nothing more than a massive retail store, and they do not ever have the time or resources to make sure every detail on every book is correct.

    OK, we straight?

  • Understood. Thanks for the explanation.

  • Kevin I'm getting a mite confused here. Tom Carpenter is the author of the "Wireless# Official Study Guide" i.e. the guy who you are handing and advertising all your prospective customers to so they can read and digest your official carriculumn reckons the Mega Guide is not enough for "entry level" candidates whereas I recall the authors of the Mega Guide said basically read, digest and pass because in their opinion it was sufficient.

    So plainly with the judgement of Solomen you would of course would now point your customers toward the most effective study guide and surely that must be the "Official" study guide by McGraw-Hill or there can be no other point in producing it can there, the Mega Guide would suffice. Until you came out with this line...and I quote......"We have endorsed and approved this mega guide because it covers everything on the exam, and in our opinion, covers it well". Well that is abundantly clear then, no point in the official guide then.

    As of course this is a worldwide site could you also indicate whether the Wireless# will be available by Wiley India at the same price as the CWNA and CWAP Official Study Guides which publish in India at Rs399 (399 Indian Rupees or about $8-70c or ???¡ê4-75 UK or even ?¡é????6-88 for the self same publications. Mind you if you buy from you get free lucky people. That is cheaper than buying the Mega Guide online at some $24-00.

    Ah the open market, cheapening labour everywhere.


  • Once again, let me be clear: I am not saying the official study guide is BETTER than the megaguide or that the megaguide is not all some will need. I am saying they are very different. The official study guide is a more in-depth coverage of the same information that is in the megaguide.

    The "true" entry-level person (someone who has no other certs and no background in IT) will be lost at times in the megaguide. They will also be lost at times in the official study guide, however, there should be fewer such happenings due to the greater depth of coverage. The candidate, when lost, should see that as an area where he or she needs to dive deeper and possibly read standards documents, web articles, and/or get some hands-on experience.

    Joel knows his stuff and there is no question - in my mind - to the accuracy of the information in his book (megaguide). I'm speaking from a position of believing that people should truly understand concepts if they are going to hold a certification that says they do. That understanding should be relative to the certification's level, i.e. Wireless# is entry level so a candidate should have an entry level undertanding (not memorization of facts) of wireless technologies.

    Devin writes awesome exams, so you have to understand the topics and not just memorize facts.

    Finally, the real heart of my post was to say that it is sad that people want a 100-150 page document that they can memorize a few facts from so they can pass an exam. If this can indeed be done - by an entry level person - it detracts from the exam's credibility. The Wireless# exam is an entry level exam, but it is also a credible exam. Neither the megaguide nor the official study guide will be enough to become a wireless networking wizard. You'll need time and experience to accomplish that. The Wireless# certification is not about making you a wireless wizard either, but you do need to understand the areas covered at an entry level to be able to "logic out" the questions on the exam. Both resources give you the information you need to get an understanding of the topics. The understanding of this information comes only through application and conceptualization over time. The official study guide contains more in-depth coverage and, therefore, provides more opportunity for conceptualization as you read. So, again, it's not that it is more technically accurate or superior; it's that it leaves less of the conceptualization to your own efforts through its case studies and scenarios. This is the core of my point and hopefully, with this information, my earlier posts will be better understood.

    Joel - no ill intent intended about your resource. It is exceptional - particularly considering the lightning speed with which you were able to get it to market. I hope this post makes it clear that I was comparing your resource to the official study guide only from the perspective of depth of coverage (from a scenario/explanatory perspective) and not accuracy of technical content.

    Tom Carpenter

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