• I just passed my Wireless# exam at first attempt with a score of 80%. This was way below my expectation as I have been scoring 95-98% on the Practice tests.

    I'll also share how I have been studying for this exam with all the others in the forum. I was initially studying for my CWNA exam when Wireless# came out. So thought to try it first. PrepLogic Megaguide and the Practices tests (the answer explanations) was the most useful.

    My references were.

    1. CWNA book
    2. CWSP book
    3. CWAP book
    3. PrepLogic MegaGuide
    4. Practice Tests (Free Wireless#, CWNA, CWAP)
    5. Intensified's Spreadsheets.

    I'll be attending my CWNA exam in another 2-3 weeks and will follow up with CWAP before CWSP.

  • Wow! You studied the CWAP book as prep for Wireless#! Talk about over-studying! :-D

  • In fact I was studying for my CWNA. For that I was using CWAP as a reference. Then came the Wireless#. So I guess it cannot be classified as overstudying cos my ultimate goal is to attempt and pass all the CWNP certifications. ;)

  • good answer asoa... keep up the good work...

    Thankfully, the study guide will be available for those without such loftyl goals. The cool thing is that this wireless stuff is addictive. I think most people will have a hard time stopping at Wireless#. Or am I just a geek?

    Tom Carpenter

  • Or am I just a geek?

    Tom Carpenter

    Aren't we all?

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