• I want to get this certification to help with my work here as a wireless broadband internet installer/tech support person. Ive seen the mega guide and also the official study guide from CWNP. Any suggestions?


  • I hate to respond to this message - being the author of one of the books you mention, but since no other responses are coming - here you go.

    I would get both. I would read through the Wireless# Official book 1-3 times and then read the megaguide thgrough in the parking lot an hour before entering for the exam. I really think they can be very complementary in this way. Of course, get some hands-on experience with as much of the hardware as possible. Soon, you'll be able to do this as elementK courses are offered throughout the country. Their curriculum is great too!

    Anyone else have any thoughts for him?

  • While I agree with your statement that both are good and they are complementary, I think that a person should allow more than an hour for the Megaguide. :-) I agree that reading the official book first, then follow that with the megaguide is likely the best approach. Each book is different and each is very good.


  • I'm sorry... I took a speed reading course a few years ago and I often forget the average reading speeds ;-)

  • My name is Steve Johnson and I'm the Managing Editor for PrepLogic, the producers of the PrepLogic MegaGuide for the Wireless# exam. It appears I'm a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to the CWNP forums, but I'm glad to be here regardless.

    Personally, I couldn't agree more with what Tom is saying. I've been both designing and using PrepLogic products for a while now and I think the important thing is to remember that our MegaGuides are 100% no nonsense. Whenever I?¡é?€??m talking to people about taking an exam, I like to tell people that you should read a book about a subject cover to cover. In this case, I?¡é?€??d recommend Tom?¡é?€??s book. I?¡é?€??ve seen it. It?¡é?€??s great!

    After that, you should pick up a PrepLogic MegaGuide to look over everything you missed and figure out how it all fits together. In the case of the Wireless# exam, you might read through the book and understand everything you read about ZigBee, 802.11b, 802.11g, etc, but not remember specific details about the technologies. You may remember that 802.11g is 2.4 Ghz, but not necessarily that it's DSSS. The MegaGuide is designed to place all of that information together...quickly :).

    CWNP makes some great certifications. I have the Wireless# certification myself. The only way I was able to pass it was with the book, MegaGuide, and more than a little study. This thing may be entry level, but it for darn sure ain't easy!

    Steve Johnson
    Managing Editor, PrepLogic, inc.

  • Hi Steve!

    Let me be the first to welcome you to the forum and offer my thanks for your input here. Your input is dead on the money in my opinion. Thanks for participating - you'll be a great addition to the forum.

    Congratulations on your Wireless# certification!


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