• If I were you, I would skip A+ and go for:

    Network+ -> Wireless# -> CWNA -> Security+ -> CWSP

    You might skip the Security+ and CWSP if you don't want to focus on security, but they will add tremendous knowledge and sellability to your career journey.

    A+ might do more harm than good to someone with your experience. What I mean is that it may be "below" you. (No offense to A+ people in the forums.) Some hiring managers look at a low-level cert and wonder why the potential employee is "bragging" about that when they want a $45k-$90k job.

    Just my thoughts,
    Tom Carpenter

  • Dear Mr. Tom,

    I got CWTS certification and I now looking for a job in Ontario, Canada but I couldn't get that.

    Ccan you send me some advices about how to get a job?

    my email is : 



  • By Tom Carpenter - edited: January 19, 2013

    Wow, that's a big question, Fawwaz. I would suggest three things:


    1) Find some non-profit organizations you can volunteer in during your search. This gets you experience.
    2) Continue your studies in any way you can so that you can take other certification exams when you're ready (not just with us).
    3) Just keep looking. Don't lose heart.


    I wish I could tell you there is a magical secret, but that's really the best advice I can give. Personally, throughout my career, I have never been unemployed. In other words, even when my "job" was gone, I continued working - even if it was on a personal project to continue my experience in the industry. Employers want to know you're a doer, and that can greatly help.

  • thank you so much, can you help me to know which the non-profit organizations' name are in Canada? 

  • By Howard - edited: January 6, 2014

    Churches and other religious organizations are usually looking for help in this area.  

    You might also look into smaller museums.  Many museums have only a few paid positions, and the rest are volunteers, so they are also interested free services.   Most will gladly write a recommendation based upon the good work you did for them.

  • Hello

    how many people are there certified in Colombia in CWTS?

  • CWNP has historically been very tight lipped about the number of certifications at the various levels -  except for CWNE.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Sorry we didn't see this sooner! While it's true that in the past we've been tight-lipped as long as you're not asking for personal information we feel it's fair to disclose the number certified when asked. 

    For Columbia we have one currently registered CWTS member. That's not to say other members (CWNA, etc.) are not there, but only one CWTS has been registered.

  • Might I ask how many registered CWNP we have in the US? Or specifically Georgia?


  • I obtained my CWTS last year and am sitting for my CWNA in March. In November of 2013 I landed my first wireless job and am still employed here in the Savannah area. I constantly search Indeed and LinkedIn for jobs pertaining to CWNA/CWDP but wind-up empty handed. There doesn't seem to be much of a demand when searching for job postings. Maybe applying for Net Admin jobs and having the extra certs may be a good leverage though and could open the door for more opportunity. 

    I am hoping to either get a raise which is comparable to my time, effort, & knowledge once obtaining my CWNA or will go else where.

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