• Hi Guys,

    I'm a network engineer with CCNP/CCDP certifications and deep knowledge on networking. Currently working on one of the leading IT companies as a pre-sales engineer. Also I have expertise in Wireless technologies.

    Just because, I wanted to improve my skills on wireless technologies and go on a deep dive, I started to work for Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN Design Specialist certification, then I noticed, Wireless# and CWNA may be a good start also.

    I registered my Wireless# exam for November 6 and ordered Tom's book. I read all the book, it seemed pretty easy and strightforward. I should say Tom made it a well reading fluent book. Thanks for it. Within the topics discussed Bluetooth, ZigBee and IrDA were new for me and the others were good review.

    When I make the tests at the end of each chapter, I only made 2 mistakes in total. If the exam questions are also similar I should pass the exam pretty easily. Now I would like to clarify smth. Is the book cover everything we need completely? And the questions are that way? Or do I need an extra resource, exam samples etc. before taking the exam?

    Thanks from now, for the responses.


  • ozgur23 Escribi?3:

    Hi All,

    I passed Wireless# exam this weekend. I only used Tom Carpenter's official guide as a resource and mostly relied on my personal experience and knowledge. Thanks for the contributors of the official guide which made it easy for me.

    The exam was not very difficult but there were some questions I reported where multiple answers can be validated if you think in deep. Since this is an intro level certification, my suggestion is always THINK SIMPLE !!

    Best Regards,

    - CCNP
    - CCDP
    - CCNA
    - CCDA
    - CSE
    - Wireless#

    Congratulations Oz, were there lot of questions about Zigbee and Bluetooth? Any RF calculations related questions?

  • Hi Mali,

    It's been a while but as far as I remember there were 3-4 of ZigBee ans same amount Bluetoth questions. No RF calculations. Definetely need extra work out of book.

  • Thanks for the kudos to the book and congrats on passing your exam.

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