• Hi,

    Just passed Wireless# last week, must say that my first intention was to pass the CWNA jumping directly before walking and very quickly you will confronted with some technologies mentioned inside the book never heard before...and as an network administrator a must to know.. just for base knowledge of course this is to you..
    So decided to start from the beginning with the book wireless# of T.Carpenter (great Work!) this is just a entry book for wireless but a very good starting point it cover the most you need to pass the exam PW0-050, just read it twice and understand every technology deeply.

    I?¡é?€??ve just used some more informative books like the Megaguide (Preplogic), and Wireless fundamental of Ciscopress this just cover wireless network in general and skip some parts where commercial hints will be proposed, of course very good stuff of Cisco but useless for you to pass the PW0-050 exam
    Listing to the CBT nuggets is just fine but not essential to pass the exam,
    And of course take the training tests of CWNP online +/- 180 Questions, this is a great help for you!

    Working on the book I become interested in some more RF Technologies like RFID and the impact it can have on our privacy, just wearing some tags without knowing, and how the hell work a toy car driving it through RF and what kind of modulation is uses..??

    Next step CCIP and then back soon to the wireless path again?¡é?€?| :D


  • Congrats on your success and thanks for the kind words.

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