• And one more thing... to the poster who said that the exams are designed for examinees to fail and quit... I really do hope that your university sees the post and does not allow you to complete your masters program. Anyone studying at that level should know better and realize that there is no profit in causing people to give up on certification. I'm speaking somewhat out of frustration as I'm sure you meant well, but really, do you honestly believe that?

    Particularly the Wireless# cert. If someone gives up there, they wouldn't go on to do their CWNA, CWSP or CWNE. There is not profit in NOT SELLING further certifications. If anything, the fact that the exam is not a walk in the park is a sign of the CWNP program's integrity. They are willing to have a few people fail and even give up rather than make that first step easy.

    DISCLAIMER: These are the thoughts of a West Virginian and may not reflect the ideas or thoughts of the CWNP program. The writer is not employed by or contracted with the CWNP program and his thoughts and typings are his own original ideas. All comments are in compliance with FCC and IEEE regulations and should be taken as opinion and not fact.

  • I'd like to reply to a particular part of okey's post.

    Proverbs 22:29 is one my favorite verses in the Bible. I thought that instead of your paraphrase, I'd throw the exact wording in here for those who might be interested:

    Do you see a man skilled in his work?
    He will serve before kings;
    he will not serve before obscure men.

    This is something that The CWNP Program lives by. It's something that I live by. It's something that we hope to pass on to our constituents.

    Thanks for adding this to your post. It inspired me to see it there.



  • Yes, Devin. And my favorite verse in Proverbs (it's posted on the wall of every room in my home) is similar:

    (Proverbs 10:4) Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.

    This verse does not give a promise of great riches, but it does suggest the right attitude to have. Don't seek something for nothing. Don't think you "deserve" wealth. Instead work diligently and you will find it.

    Of course, in the verse you quoted, diligent means quick or hasty and skillfull. Meaning one who gets to work and doesn't put it off and one who studies to know his work. The verse I've quoted has a slightly different meaning. Here is means to be
    determined. It's like the silver miner who won't quit. It's like the writer with writer's block who keeps trying. Hmmm... it's like the certification candidate who is ever so tempted to use those Testking exams, but refuses to out of his or her own integrity and instead presses on until the knowledge is acquired.

    This attitude brings the opportunity for wealth.

    DISCLAIMER: This is not an opinion. It is fact as it is based on a higher knowledge than my own fallible, faltering, fragile self. However, it is also in compliance with FCC and IEEE regulations but this time it should be taken fact.

  • One of the things I like to do to study is to take just the questions from the practice exam or book and put them into a word file or the like. Don't take the multiple choice answers. Then go through each question and actually come up with the answer. Write it down (or type it) and then when you are done, check it against the answer key. If you can come up with the answer without the multiple choice answers in front of you, you are starting to master the material.

    (Completed Security University training for CWNA/SP and trying to schedule the tests soon)

  • Thanks for the encouraging words...especially Tom Carpenter the gentleman that wrote the book. I will continue to study and an look at other resources available to me to make my studying a little bit more easier. When I first started reading the Wireless # book I was amaze at all the little things that go into wireless. That was my first lecture in wireless information, I didn't know anything about Access points, 802.11x and the information that goes with it. I felt that it's a field that is growing rapidly, and I had to get my hands on it. I'm in the cell phone business and wi-fi is becoming more and more available to everyone, that's I why I decided to jump into this field of wireless communications.

    The message that was sent from the other gentleman I will also do, and that is to write the question down and come up with my own questions and compare. I'm looking forward to passing this exam, and hope and pray that someday I can work in that kind of environment's. Thanks for the encourering words guys. :D

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