• Can some one tell me if infrared has a corrisponding
    IEEE 802 number? If so, what is it?

    I'm doing my "last minute" cramming for my wireless# exam tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll do OK.

  • I am starting to get worried about the frequent mention of cramming by prospective certification test takers. We must learn to go beyound reading just to pass a test and move to reading to truely master the concepts, technology , body of knowledge etc.
    Now imagine what will happen if you passed by cramming. You will forget 60-90% of all you crammed after a month (this is my view not a result of scientific research). The person will have certification but cannot perform when called up in the office to solve a problem or implement a solution. The end result is that you get the boot out of he same door you came in.

    I am CWNA certified, but i am going to buy the 4th edition of the official study guide (i already have the 3rd edition and the sybex ). I need to read more and from the works of different experts. Knowledge can never go to waste.


  • While I certainly agree with you okey, I think dlmus33 just intended last minute cramming to mean that he or she would do a lot of refreshing and reviewing before the exam. I agree, however, that one should not "just" use cramming, but should learn the material.

    To answer the question as well, while the IEEE 802.11 standard does specify an Infrared PHY (clause 16), it has not been implemented and you will not be tested on the details of that PHY on the Wireless# exam. Instead, the exam tests your knowledge of Infrared Data Association (IrDA) on the exam.

    You may remembder form the official study guide that IrDA is both the name of the organization that manages the standard and the name of the standard. Therefore, information about IrDA is found at

    Where the IEEE 802.11 standard is updated and modified through amendments that are ultimately rolled into the standard, the IrDA standard is broken into multiple special interest groups (SIGs) as is documented on page 230 of the Official Study Guide. What you are looking for may be the specification documents. They are for sale at the IrDA website and some SIG specifications are bundled while others are individual purchases.

    However, you should be just fine if you've learned the information in Chapter 8 of the Official Study Guide. I would definitely encourage you to purchase and read the specifications if you plan to work with IrDA specifically.

    I hope this helps,

  • I want to apologize for the possible degrading of the CWNP program or myself that I may have implied by this thread. Sysedco is correct, this was a "cram" session to make sure I really knew the material, and was not missing anything. I fully understand the importance of knowing the material.
    During my study session (which my wife helped with), I found the answers to the question I asked.
    I took two months to prepare for the test, and I will admit I probably should have taken some more time, but I did pass, and I will prepare harder for the CWNA thats for sure! I really don't want to be a "paper guy".

    Also, thanks to all of the CWNP people, I find a ton of useful information here!


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