• Hello!

    I need to get some information about 802.11n standard. Of course Internet have much informations about, but these informations are missed each other.

    I need do know about channels frequency band into full spectrum, within reach distance,and more informations.

    So, have someone a whitepaper, article, or other document that can gather these informations?

    I'm finishing an university work and I need reliable informations.

    In advance, thanks very much!

  • Search for Xirrus, they put together an excellent poster style document and some tutorials that might help.



  • Hi Bruce!

    Thank you for your help!

    I've been visited Xirrus Posters and I got informations that I was needing!

    Thank you very much friend!


  • there is good technical document on the Cisco site too. It's titled:
    802.11n: The Next Generation of Wireless Performance

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