• Here's my problem:

    Laptop 1 will not authenticate using WPA2 Personal but will authenticate using WPA Personal

    Laptop 2 will not authenticate using WPA Personal but will authenticate using WPA2 Personal

    Laptop 1 Specs:
    Windows XP Home SP3 ( I knew of the issue with WPA2 but SP3 should solve it)
    Built-in Broadcom Wireless4930 a/b/g card

    Laptop2 Specs:
    Ubuntu 8.10
    Proxim Orinoco Gold 11b/g PC Card

    Also using a Linksys WRT54G wireless router
    Have it in mixed mode on channel 6 but nothing out of the ordinary in terms of security. Currently have it in WPA Personal so my wife can use her laptop (Laptop 1)

    I prefer to have in WPA2 Personal mode but cannot connect even though SP3 should take care of the previously mentioned issue with WPA2 in XP

    I'm totally stumped here and can't find much on Google.

    Any help, thoughts, etc would be much appreciated


  • To the best of my knowledge, Windows XP needs a patch to support WPA2.
    Check Microsoft's website or google "WPA2 patch for Windows XP". You'll easily get it.

    Same might be true for Ubuntu but I am not sure.

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