• WiMAX is going strong in other countries, and starting to make a scene here in the US, especially in Oregon. I for one think it will be able to provide the rual areas access for internet in a manner that has been requested by congress to update and expand out internet communications infrastructure and hope to some day be a part of this.

    I think the cellular 3G has too much of a hold on the market for WiMAX to be a credible competitor.

    As far as the WiMAX radios in laptops, i think they will co-exist. Look at HPs 2900 series laptops, they have the 3G WAN device built in, all you have to do is pop in an ATT SIM card, and voila! Just as the same as a/b/g radios being on a laptop.

    I cant recall the link, but i know that if you google WiMAX in Oregon, there is a communications company that is deploying WiMAX for home subscribers., Kansas is about to do the same, but I believe they are going more for cellular phone service for areas way out in the boonies, say Hays/Victoria Kansas.

    True, I agree that it is still in its infancy, but I believe there is a market for it. 15 years ago, no one wanted to adopt the idea of cell phones, that it would just be a fad, look at it now....

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