• ad5mb Escribi?3:

    I use AES/CCMP WPA2 on my system, until I get the 256 bit AES VPN running.

    Is there a reason that you are going to run a 256 bit AES VPN? If it is for research and fun then great, but if it is because you are worried about 128bit AES, you don't have anything to worry about.

    AES won't be broken by brute force, at least not while we are still using silicon based computers. If AES is broken it will be because the algorithm is found to be weak, which at that point 256 bit won't help you (see WEP).

    I do know some military applications where 256 bit is required so if that is your situation then I apologize. If you want "more security" then pursuing AES improvements isn't a good use of time. AES is the strongest part of Wi-Fi security. When the next Wi-Fi security breakthrough occurs, it won't be attacking AES.


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