• OK now the $64000 do I respond with a critique of the report which I can see going to the guy that wrote it for response. Suggest the client ask for his money back as the chimp that wrote it hasn't got a clue?

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    Having been in similar situations - I'd have to say "it depends".

    Do you think it will make a difference? If yes, then present your reprisal.

    If now, then bite your tongue and make a clean break.

    If the client has not issued a PO yet - I'd say it's still in the bakeoff stages and anything goes.

  • Good analysis Darby. I never tell the client to ask for his money back. I just put forward my recommendations in a way that makes it obvious that they _should_ ask for their money back. Its a good idea to figure out first if it will make any difference as Darby says. Sometimes the customer will just wanna chuck out everything no matter what you say or do to make it better. My best advice is just to concentrate on doing it right and presenting your results in the best way you know how. The difference in your knowledge vs his will shine if the client takes time to ask your opinion about what you wrote. I don't really see any need to stick it to even someone as bad as this guy, just being better than them and winning the client's trust is usually enough.

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    Typically once the money is spent for services it is history. Gone. Labor paid for whether good or bad is another matter. That's between the buyer and the seller.

    At work, I try to offer my best opinion, based on my experiences (albeit sometimes biases based on those experiences and peppered with my own skills and ability to resolve a situation successfully).

    The fact is we are all a bit different - and that is the spice we bring to the table.

    Offer your honest opinion and do so professionally and I think you'll win more often than you ever loose. Never loose your temper or your professionalism when dealing with people, especially a potential customer - it only justified their decision not to have selected you in the first place.

  • I agree the "ask for your money back" was a knee jerk reaction to the jerks original report.

    I always offer the best I can as an egineer and if I dont know I ask, either in here or elsewhere. Fortunately its usually pretty fundamental, however that will change with time hence why I and probably most of the guys here are actually here.

    To be the best we can

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    Unfortunately the story is not just limited to Wireless. It's an age-old story that transcends most boundaries.

  • Its unfortuanate I guess that its such a huge field.

    If you hire aplumber or electrician the same applies, word of mouth is great and references but I dont see a way around it.

    Not even with professional certification.

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